Daily Archives: January 2, 2019

7-year-old killed in Jackson County car crash

A 7-year-old Tallahassee girl was killed this past Sunday in an automobile accident on I-10 in Jackson County, the Florida Highway Patrol reports. Around 7:50 p.m., Sunday, December 23, a 2017 Chevrolet and 2019 Dodge were traveling east on I-10 through Jackson County. Both vehicles were in the outside lane because of an earlier accident…


Gadsden Arts’ 2019 calendar includes Norman Rockwell, 15 other unique exhibitions

For a Gadsden County art museum, 2019 promises to be an “exciting year” brimming with vibrant color, rich texture and vivid contrasts. Downtown Quincy’s Gadsden Arts Center and Museum released its 2019 exhibition calendar this past week, featuring a lineup of 16 unique exhibitions that, together, cover a vast swath of artistic territory. Exhibitions range…


Sweet education: Gingerbread houses teach more than just culinary skills

Shop class students aren’t the only pupils at West Gadsden Middle School learning to build houses this year. Just before holiday break, sixth grade Fundaments of Culinary Careers students constructed miniature homes from gingerbread. Sweet, sticky icing joined and secured gingerbread planks, while gumdrops and other classic Christmas confections dressed up the stately cookie dwellings’…

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