American Legion Post 51 honors Chattahoochee police officers

American Legion Post 51, headquartered in Chattahoochee, unveiled its newest project on January 20, with the awarding ceremony of a local Chattahoochee police officer.

Each year, the Legion will present an award to a deserving law enforcement officer of Chattahoochee for their service in the community.

The Officer of the Year award announced its inaugural recipient that night with a dinner at the Legion’s home at the Chattahoochee Recreational Center on Oak Street.

American Legion Post 51 Post Commander George McKeown (right) presents an award to Chattahoochee Police Department’s Sergeant Marcus A. Dixon (left), as the post’s inaugural Officer of the Year.

“We have started a new thing,” said Post Commander George McKeown. “We will be giving out an award to city law enforcement officers.”

The first-year recipient of this award was Sergeant Marcus Dixon.

The Legion had invited Chattahoochee Chief Deric Mordica to attend the annual dinner, but Chief Mordica was unable to attend due to COVID-19 precautions.

Instead, the Legion called the chief to allow him to virtually introduce Sergeant Dixon.

“The guy who is before you tonight is someone I think very highly of,” said Chief Mordica. “This guy is a workhorse. He is cleaning up the streets of Chattahoochee so we can sleep well at night.”

Further, Chief Mordica added that he considers Sergeant Dixon to be ‘a legend.’

“He is phenomenal and we are blessed to have him,” Mordica concluded.

While this was the first year for such an award to be presented, McKeown says he hopes to see a similar award – in the coming years – be presented to other first responders with the City of Chattahoochee.

After the awards ceremony, the Legion conducted general business affairs – including discussing the need for furthering interest in American Legion membership among other veterans.

“I want to get more involved in the community,” said McKeown. “I want us to grow.”

In order to do that, McKeown stressed the need for a growing membership roster.

“We need more members,” McKeown added.

Those interested in discussing membership with American Legion Post 51 and getting involved in its various community outreach programs are invited to contact Adjutant John Clark (850) 566-6547.

Members do not need to live in Chattahoochee.

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