Annual Relay for Life held in Quincy

On June 2, various groups, churches, and organizations gathered at the Quincy Track Field on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. to support the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

The main mission is to support cancer patients, their caregivers, and the eventual eradication of cancer.

Many of these groups, having personal connections to cancer, came to show their love and support for those in the community.

The night was filled with a sumptuous amount of food, fun and games for the community, inspirational poetry, and a general feeling of solidarity.

For Shanda Wright, the coordinator of the event, it was personal; in 2009, she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. Having made a full recovery, and having been cancer free for many years, she sponsors and supports the event in any way she can.

“After having been so blessed to have been Cancer Free, I am now giving back to the community, to raise awareness about Cancer, and to support those who are afflicted with the disease and especially their caregivers. Having a support system is essential.”

After the National Anthem and the Pledge to the Allegiance, around which a representative from each group gathered on the field, cancer survivors took to the track for the first lap around to begin the 2023 Relay for Life. The many tents which surrounded the field included those of the local chapter of Zeta Phi Beta, which sponsored the event as well as the general survivors tent. There, there sat survivors donned in purple t-shirts – Zeta Phi Beta, a historically black sorority, has been supporting and active in Gadsden’s Relay for Life since 2006. They too supported by holding a general dinner for the cancer survivors. 

A few of the churches that held stands and sales at the event were Saint Hebron A.M.E. Church Angels, Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church, Saint Mary Missionary Baptist Church, Sawdust, Saint Matthew’s Praisers, Mount Hosea Missionary Baptist Church.

 “I have been with this event since about 2006, having once been diagnosed and having since made a full recovery. I was the Event Chair in 2016, and despite setbacks with weather and the Pandemic, we are here to come out and show support for survivors and have a great time,” Laticia Shawl, the Publicity Chair and Graphic Designers of the event said.

Two Gadsden County Residents, Grandma Green, 92, and Earline Holice, 85, were at the event-relaying in support of their families and friends. 

“I lost a sister and a daughter to cancer, and I’m here to make many full laps of the event and continue the memory of my family,” Holice. 

Also present was a general tent for the Gadsden County Board of Commissioners, whose sauteed seafood and fried delights were all sold for contributions that went to charity. 

DJ Uncle Dek provided the music and general technology for the Relay for Life.

Zumba Dances, inspirational poetry from Reverend Kenneth Frame, and games were held later in the evening, all of which were considered great successes by the crowd. 

The Relay for Life ran from 6 p.m. to Midnight.

Rubén Darío Uribe – Gadsden County News Service


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