Chattahoochee DUI case ends with guilt verdict

Alvin Palm

On December 11, 2020, Alvin Palm and an unidentified victim were involved in a car crash.

An officer with the Chattahoochee Police Department was dispatched to the scene of the crash after the victim called 911, and upon the officer’s arrival, they noted observations that led them to believe that Palm was under the influence of alcohol.

Palm agreed to a breathalyzer test, and so was taken into custody and transported to the Gadsden County Jail, where a state trooper conducted a breathalyzer test.

The test came back positive for a higher-than-legal blood alcohol volume, and so Palm was booked into the jail.

Last week, on Tuesday, June 21, Palm went before a jury of his peers and was determined to be guilty of driving under the influence.

While a sentencing date has not yet been set for Palm, documents from the Office of the State Attorney states that he may be eligible for six months of probation, 75 community service hours, six months of revocation on his driver’s license, twice-month alcohol checks, attendance to a victim impact panel, attendance to a DUI school, and vehicle impoundment.

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