Divided council approves Final Fridays beer sales

3-2 vote allows beer sales at Final Fridays

Despite heated objections from members of the audience, as well as Mayor Christopher Moultry, the Chattahoochee city council voted 3-2 to allow beer sales at the city-sponsored Chattahoochee Main Street “Final Fridays” events this year.  Final Fridays public gatherings are held at the last Friday of the month in the downtown square from April to October.  Main Street director Pam Medley attended the meeting Tuesday evening and made a plea to allow the beer sales.

“We don’t want people bringing alcohol in,” she explained. “There is an off duty policeman there and we don’t allow people to get drunk. Most people are walking, not driving.” More than a half dozen members of the audience spoke to the council and most were against the beer sales. “My problem is that there are children there,” said one.  “It’s morally wrong,” said another.

However, most council members believed Medley and other supporters of the event that it was beer sales that brought in the sales to pay for everything.  “This is how they make their money; we have an investment here in the partnership,” said council member Ken Kimrey as he seconded the motion by council member Amy Glass in favor of beer sales at the festivals this year.  Voting with Kimrey and Glass was council member Ann Richardson. Moultry and council member Ann Williams voted no.  “I support Main Street Chattahoochee,” Mayor Moultry said, “but I’m not with the alcohol.”                                                                                                   

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