Havana local rides new horse in Forgotten Coast Horse Show

The Forgotten Coast Horse Show circuit hosted their 2023 opener in Monticello, Florida, where Havana’s own Katie Rowan attended with her horse, White Claw.

It was Katie’s first time riding White Claw in a show.

“We still have a lot of work to do,” she explained as she lovingly petted her new horse.

White Claw recently suffered an unexpected injury before he was in Katies care and the recovery process took a while, but Rowan is optimistic about her newly purchased horse and believes he will be a great jumper for the equestrian shows she regularly attends and participates in. 

During a discussion with Rowan, she opened up about how she could have easily borrowed an experienced jumper horse for the show but likes putting in the work it takes to train and ride her own horse.

White Claw’s nickname is Buzz and he “behaved like a baby unicorn” she commented with a smile.

She looks forward to riding Buzz next month in his second horse show and is excited to see the progress he makes from more training. 

An awards ceremony was held halfway through the show opener where ribbons, saddle pads, and embroidered chairs were presented to the winners for their accomplishments from last year.

Rowan’s other horse named Snuff won 2022 Champion for his division a few months ago; Rowan and Snuff were presented their Champion award for that prior show this past Saturday at the Forgotten Coast ceremony.

Patricia Smith – Gadsden County News Service


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