Joy of Toys transports you to old-timey playtime

New exhibit at Apalachicola Arsenal Museum is now open for a fun-filled, educational display

The Apalachicola Arsenal Museum has opened a new, fun exhibit that features toys from the past, as well as more modern toys enjoyed by younger generations.

Each toy included in the exhibit display shows the history of the toy’s development, paired with fun facts.

Guests can interact with Legos, Tinker toys, Lincoln Logs, Mr. Potato Head, Pick Up Sticks, Checkers and much more.

At this exhibit, visitors will discover how the Teddy Bear got its name, and learn how the Whoopee Cushion was used during the early Roman Empire.

Have you ever wondered why Barbie dolls weren’t accepted by parents nor retail stores in the toy’s early days? The answer is at the Joy of Toys exhibit.

The exhibit also provides a hands-on approach to learning about the toys of the past, by letting visitors design a Mr. Potato Head doll the way children in the 1950s did (using a real potato), or visitors can try their hand playing with a Paddle Board game, Hula Hoop, or Sit N’ Spin.

The exhibit is free to the public.

The Apalachicola Arsenal Museum, located on the grounds of Florida State Hospital, is open on Tuesday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For more information or to schedule a tour, contact Linda at (850) 794-0197.

Check out ongoing exhibits and more information on the Apalachicola Arsenal Museum Historical Society Facebook page.


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