Reenactors commemorate 1817 war

Despite heavy weekend rains, battle reenactors managed to keep their powder dry at Chattahoochee Main Street’s second annual Scott 1817 Seminole War Re-enactment. Due to storm damage, the reenactment was held in Dothan this year.

The highly-anticipated annual event will return to Chattahoochee’s River Landing Park in 2019. 

The  reenactment commemorates the 1817 battle at Chattahoochee that led to Major General Andrew Jackson’s 1818 invasion of Florida and the signing of an agreement the next year under which Spain ceded Florida to the United States.

In addition to depicting the epic battle in which bands of Seminole, Muskogee and Maroon (fighters of African descent) warriors clashed with U.S. Militia and Army regulars, the event also portrays ordinary life on the hard-scrabble frontier of Northwestern Florida, Southeast Alabama and Southwest Georgia.

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