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Havana Police Department Dispatchers

The Havana Police Department dispatch staff consists of a team of five local men and women, with a combined 60 plus  years of career experience. Each dispatcher works a solo 8-hour shift, and phones are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Much like our small-town police department handles a variety of calls…


Tammie Sykes

Tammie Sykes knows dispatching. For just under 20 years, Sykes has either dispatched or taught dispatching in Gadsden County. She got her start at the Quincy Police Department as a mother of a young child. Sykes says she was looking for full-time employment that fit her scheduled needs as a parent, and someone informed her…


T.J. Crawford

For over 20 years, T.J. Crawford has been dispatching in Gadsden County. Crawford got his start in the dispatching career in 2000, when he joined the team at Quincy Police Department. For Crawford, having a career in or alongside law enforcement was always something he imagined himself doing.  His father was a state trooper, andCrawford…

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