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Chattahoochee News-Herald – Legals – 3/23

NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, GENE OPHEIM, the holder of the following certificate has filed said certificate for a tax deed to be issued thereon.  The certificate number and year of issuance, the description of the property, and the names in which it was assessed are as follows: CERTIFICATE…


The Chattahoochee News-Herald – Legals – 3/9

NOTICE UNDER FICTITIOUS NAME LAW PURSUANT TO SECTION 865.09, FLORIDA STATUTES  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned, desiring to engage in business under the Fictitious Name of TDS Telecom, with a mailing address of 525 Junction Rd., Madison, WI 83717, and a principal office located in Gadsden County, intends to register the said name…


The Chattahoochee News-Herald – Legals – 3/2

CERTIFIED BUILDING/RESIDENTIAL BUILDING CONTRACTORS Gadsden County Community Development is now soliciting applicants for certified building/residential contractors desirous of participating in its Community Development Block Grant program for rehabilitation/demolition/replacement of homes in the unincorporated area of Gadsden County. All interested contractors must be confirmed in the listing maintained by the Gadsden County Building Department as qualified…

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