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Gadsden County welcomes new equestrian facility – Harley’s Hollow opened with the promise of more horse shows to come

Steve and Sarah “Harley” Bolinder have quite a unique story and it leads straight to the heart of Gadsden County. Steve and Sarah’s journey together started in 2005 when they were married and later led to following a shared dream. Steve was a barber and Sarah was an attorney. As several years passed by, the…

ONE OF US: Gadsden-raised Tallahassee baseball coach makes a difference in the world of sports

There are many people who have made their mark on Tallahasseeby impacting the community and creating a legacy around change – one such name being added to the list of difference makers is Jamey Shouppe, who is transforming the community around sports, one baseball team at a time. Shouppe was raised in Gadsden County’s Chattahoochee,…

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