West Gadsden Historical Society acquires caboose to be displayed at railroad museum

The West Gadsden Historical Society has announced that it has acquired a caboose for future display at the Greensboro Railway Depot Museum.

The caboose, designated CRR 1075, was originally built in 1948 for the Clinchfield Railroad, and was still in service when that railroad was merged into the Family Lines System in 1972.

This will be a big project for the West Gadsden Historical Society, for even though the caboose was donated, it must be relocated to the Railroad Museum, and then restored.

It will also be repainted to match the blue color used by the Apalachicola Northern Railroad that ran through Greensboro from 1907 until 1966.

“We’re working with several different moving companies to get a quote for how much it will cost to move it,” said Jane Clark of the West Gadsden Historical Society regarding the current status of the project. “But we know we are going to have to pay to move it, and we are going to have to restore it when it gets here.”  

The Historical Society is asking anyone willing to help out with donations of money, materials, equipment (tools, tractors, heavy equipment, material hauling, and the like), and time to bring this caboose to Greensboro. 

If you are interested, you can visit the West Gadsden Historical Society at https://westgadsdenhistory.org or on Facebook. 

Stephen Klein – Gadsden County News Service


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