West Gadsden Historical Society holds annual pilau fundraiser, unveils new historical marker

The West Gadsden Historical Society hosted its annual meeting and Wash Pot Chicken Pilau fundraiser event on Saturday, January 21, which also included a silent auction, and the unveiling of a newly installed Florida historical marker for the Greensboro Railway Depot.

The event was held onsite at the Greensboro Railway Depot, located at 115 Duffel Avenue, which now serves as a railroad museum displaying artifacts from local historic railroads, including the Apalachicola Northern Railroad, which ran from Chattahoochee to Apalachicola, and was later extended to reach Port St. Joe.

The town of Greensboro began as a railroad junction, so the history of the depot and the railroad are huge parts of the history of the town itself.

Beginning at 4 p.m., supporters arrived to view antiques, handmade items, and other collectibles at a silent auction, the first of two fundraisers organized for the afternoon. 

Next, a ceremony was held for the unveiling of a brand new Florida historical marker commemorating the Greensboro Railway Depot.

The Florida Historical Marker program is a way to raise awareness and visibility for historic sites like the Greensboro depot.

Members of the West Gadsden Historical Society spoke to attendees about the process of applying for the marker, how thrilled they were to unveil it, and the importance of raising funds for the historical society, which is involved in many projects which explore and share the history of Greensboro and Gadsden County.

Attendees were also welcome to tour the railroad museum, which is always free of charge to visit, a perk which is possible through donations and fundraisers like the January 21 event. 

The final event of the evening was the serving of Scott Clark’s famous wash pot chicken pilau, which brought in eager diners from all over Gadsden County.

Those interested could purchase a plate for $8, which included the chicken pilau, sides, dessert, and a drink.

According to Jane Clark, president of the historical society, the annual pilau was first held 18 years ago, and has happened every year for the past 10 years.

“It’s our biggest fundraiser, and our biggest event.” Clark said. “We sold out, which is exactly what we want to do. This is our annual meeting, to let our members know where we are financially and how we are doing with our programs. It is to recruit new members, and to encourage our existing members to renew, it is to raise money and to get our name out there so that people can come to look at the museum. It’s our kickoff for the year.”

 Stephen Klein – Gadsden County News Service

Closeup of the newly placed Florida Historical Marker for the Greensboro Railway Depot.
Greensboro locals examine items for sale at the silent auction, part of the West Gadsden Historical Society’s fundraising event held last Saturday.
Members of the West Gadsden Historical Society serve up plates of chicken pilau.
Locals enjoy plates of chicken pilau at the Greensboro Railway Depot.
People from Greensboro and other Gadsden County communities lined up to support the West Gadsden County Historical society by purchasing meals of wash pot chicken pilau.


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