2023 Sneads football season ends – Life does not always lay out a perfect path for us to follow but we learn to walk it anyway.

The Sneads Pirates traveled back home from Blountstown with an unwanted loss last Friday night that abruptly brought their 2023 season to an end. It is official the Blountstown Tigers will advance to the next playoff game in hopes of being this year’s state champs.

The score was not quite what the Sneads and Blountstown fans were expecting. Both teams were strongly determined not to let the other score but, in the end, Blountstown won it by one point with a final of 7-6.

Sneads started off hot this season with a big win of 64-34 over the Cottondale Hornets back in August. After that win they reeled in another victory of 32-6 over the Graceville Tigers. It seemed like everything was looking great for the Pirates team until they suffered a devastating loss to the Holmes County Blue Devils. The referees owned the game and ultimately displayed dishonest behavior toward the Pirates as they forced unfair penalty calls one after another to ensure a Blue Devils win. The loss stole the Pirates’ confidence and sent the team into a spiraling frenzy of three more losses. Then it happened. The Pirates tightened up their shoelaces and suited up like gladiators to storm through four game wins in a row taking out their opponents one by one earning an iron clad spot in the FHSAA Championship Playoff games! No, they did not win last week’s game as they had hoped but they sure have a lot to be proud of after bouncing back into the season like the pirate kings they are. 

Patricia Smith


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