Governor DeSantis Announces Plan to Combat Rising Homeless Crisis – With no place to go the homeless are taking claim on public property and setting up camps.

America the homeless. A never-ending problem that is devastating the nation with a pandemic of drugs, prostitution, and stockpiles of trash. Who is responsible for the out-of-control homeless camps taking over America’s public parks, streets, store fronts, and more? There once was a time when everyday Americans were scurrying to raise funds and open facilities…

Hometown headlines: Trust in Florida local media among the highest in America, study reveals.

In an age where America’s political divide is increasingly mirrored in the media consumption habits of its citizens, the local media landscape offers a glimpse of hope. National news outlets, often seen through a partisan lens, contrast with the more trusted local media. A survey conducted by PRFire.com, involving 3,000 participants, reveals a complex yet…

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