What’s old is new again.

The Chattahoochee News-Herald & Sneads Sentinel is a new newspaper from a publisher with a long history in Sneads and Chattahoochee news.

It is published by Priority News, Inc., which also publishes The Herald, Gadsden County’s largest single-issue newspaper, which was started in 1947.

The Chattachoochee News-Herald & Sneads Sentinel is a new voice in local news with a new publisher, new editor, new reporters, new photographers and new columnists.

Our philosophy is that great newspapers bring communities together by reporting on the things we have in common.

We go to the same gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and houses of worship. We want good schools, good roads and good neighbors. We want to hear about the people who are making life better in our community and when someone is making things worse, we want the newspaper to hold them accountable.

As a community, we come together to solve our problems.

A great community newspaper is always part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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The staff of The Chattahoochee News-Herald & Sneads Sentinel can be reached by email at staff@prioritynews.net

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