A heart of service – How to volunteer with Blessings of Hope Empowerment Outreach, Inc.

To be a volunteer is to be aware of the value of your time, and how that time can be used to impact, develop, and build the community you live in. 

April is National Volunteer Month – a time to look at the people who volunteer their time selflessly to local causes, organizations, and goals. 

This is also a time for those who want to be more involved, but don’t know how, to take that first step in becoming a volunteer with their local organizations. Each week in April, the newspaper will feature a local organization in Gadsden County that depends on volunteers; we will spotlight the community contributions that the organziation makes, how volunteers impact the organization, and how – through volunteering – anyone can make a difference. 

Blessings of Hope Empowerment Outreach 

Headquarted in Havana, Blessings of Hope Empowerment Outreach is just one of the many organizations in Gadsden County that works tirelessly to improve the lives of the county’s residents. 

From distribution events for food and school supplies, to community closets around school time and 

Ashley Hunter – Gadsden County News Service



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