A Slice of South Africa in Quincy

On Tuesday May 23, a crowd gathered at Quincy’s historic First Episcopal Church for a presentation by Desmond Kurz, a South African native, regarding the beautiful minutiae of the Rainbow

Soetkoekies, dipped in hot Rooibos tea, were served alongside the presentation, during which a decisive amount of history was divulged.

Much was mulled over as South Africa is one of the oldest nations in the world–twenty-two thousand years, by historical accounts–is three times the size of Texas, and has over twelve official languages across nine

Throughout, the enthusiasm of the First Episcopal’s crowd equaled vivid rhetorical descriptions of the country. Questions were asked, answered, and inquirers were given bits of South African chocolate – the taste of which recollected the aroma of a fresh yet roasted java bean mix resting after the brew. This invocation of taste was intelligently countered by mentions of the Wine Country in

The epic traditional oral storytelling of the rule of first unifying Zulu King Shaka was accompanied by enticing bits of trivia. Did you know J.R.R Tolkien, famed for his philology and fantasy novels of Middle-Earth, was, in fact, born in Bloemfontein, Free State?

“It was really wonderful, unlike anything I ever expected, the weather is not unlike Florida weather and the seas are a gorgeous blue,” Quincy local James Tillery, said about his experiences in South Africa. “The food is divine, and the culture is beautiful. I’d highly recommend

Such appreciation goes both

Kurz, upon recollecting his first time in the country, said although everyone was friendly and genuine upon first visitation, in Quincy, he finally felt like he was at

Rubén Darío Uribe – Gadsden County News Service


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