BBQ with the Blue

The Midway Police Department invited the public to join them for barbecue this past Saturday.

The event was held at the Eugene Lamb Recreation Center.

The meal, which was sponsored by Mission BBQ, consisted of pulled pork or pulled chicken sandwiches, green beans and coleslaw. Cupcakes and cookies were provided as desserts.

Those who attended were also given a laminated emergency contact list, with local numbers to call.

Chief Kristi Cobb said the event was an opportunity for citizens to ask questions and voice their concerns.

“We’re just chatting, just fellowshipping,” Cobb said. “A lot of people are not comfortable just coming into the police station and talking with the chief.”

Cobb said she wants citizens to be comfortable in their environment.

“They’ll see I’m out here,” Cobb added. “They’ll see there’s no agenda, no rules, just sit down and talk.”

Cobb started the community gathering three months ago with “Coffee with a Cop.”

She plans to hold them quarterly. 

The chief said she wants to move around, hosting them in each of Midway’s 5 districts.

Many churches have already offered their spaces for the events.

“Police are not just out here patrolling; they’re in the community,” Cobb said.

Dozens of citizens dropped in throughout the event.

Midway residents Linda Bakker and Winston Bakker said this was the first community event hosted by the police department that they have attended.

“This is great,” Linda said. “It’s an opportunity for residents to interact in a casual environment with police and an opportunity to ask questions.”

The event gave residents an opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new people.

The Bakkers, who have lived in Midway since 2007, met Beth and Gary Seifert who are fairly new to Miway, at the event.

“We can go right to the source as opposed to reading it on social media websites or getting second-hand information,” Beth said.

She and her husband moved to Midway about three years ago after retiring.

Cobb said she plans to host “Chili with Cops” in the fall. More details about the event will be released at a later date.

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