“Blue Mass”to honor first responders, blood drive held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

A special service honoring law enforcement personnel and first responders was held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Quincy on Sunday, September 10.

Known as a “Blue Mass” (referring to the blue uniforms often worn by members of these public safety agencies), the service celebrates the service and sacrifices these individuals make in the line of duty.

This was the third annual Blue Mass to be held at St. Paul’s, and along with regular church members, the congregation included first responders and law enforcement personnel, including Gadsden County Sheriff Morris Young.

Also present was District 2 Commissioner Alonzetta Simpkins with her husband.

The sermon was delivered by Reverend Tanya Scheff, and highlighted not only the physical dangers faced by first responders, but also the mental and spiritual toll paid by those who protect us every day in their chosen occupation.

Music for the service was provided by Anthony Rimore, Madison Barton, and Vito Bell.

Following the service and communion, all attendees were invited to a luncheon provided by church members.

The Blue Mass also coincided with St. Paul’s 17th Blood Drive for OneBlood, which raised 1.5 gallons of blood, bringing the total amount donated to 33.125 gallons over 17 drives.

St. Pauls holds a blood drive every 8 weeks (the amount of time a donor must wait between donations), and the next one will be held in early November.

Stephen Klein – Gadsden County News Service


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