Chattahoochee to celebrate longtime business owners with community day

A Chattahoochee couple, both long-time members of the business community of West Gadsden County, will soon be celebrated at a community day held in their honor.

Jewel and Mildred Dixie (both pictured) will be celebrated and honored at a Community Day in Chattahoochee. The couple have owned and managed Chattahoochee’s Dixie Groceries store, on Lincoln Street, for over 40 years. / Photo Courtesy of James Travis

Jewel and Mildred Dixie have owned and operated Dixie Groceries for over 40 years.

The hometown grocery store is located at 669 Lincoln Street, in Chattahoochee.

The honorary community day event will include a co-ed game of softball.

All the festivities will take place at Therrell Park, in Chattahoochee.

Event organizers for this community day say that guests and attendees should expect to be at the field by 2 p.m. in order to not miss any of the fun activities that have been planned.

For more information, call (850) 688-7737 or (850) 544-8204.

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