Name-by-name, cross-by-cross Chattahoochee recognizes its fallen heroes via an inspirational Memorial Day tradition

This past Monday, volunteers from First United Methodist Church of Chattahoochee and Florida State Hospital vendor Aramark painstakingly erected hundreds of crosses in a grass-covered field adjacent to Highway 90 on the sweeping Florida State Hospital grounds. Every snow-white marker is emblazoned with the name of a fallen military hero, and collectively, the mammoth annual Memorial Day display is a sight to behold – easily one of North Florida’s most awe inspiring symbols of American military honor and the sacrifices made by untold numbers of brave men and women from the region. Organizing and constructing the mass display every year is no quick, casual undertaking to be sure, requiring careful planning, plenty of walking, several hours and an infinite wellspring of patience and dedication by volunteers. But when all is said and done, the result is nothing short of spectacular – well worth the trouble by nearly all accounts. 

Photos courtesy First United Methodist Church of Chattahoochee
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