Former Midway interim-police chief pleads guilty to sex with inmate

The morning of May 15, 2023, just prior to jury selection, former-Interim Midway Police Chief Shelton Turner withdrew his previous plea  of not guilty and entered a plea to charges of sexual battery and sexual misconduct with an inmate. 

According to a press release from Second Judicial Circuit State Attorney Jack Campbell’s office, the  charges stemmed from his time working as a correctional officer at the Liberty County Jail, during which  he was an officer over the female detention pod.

In February 2022, after engaging in inappropriate communication with the victim, in violation of sheriff’s department policy, the defendant was  accused of forcing a female inmate to have sex against her will in an isolated, unmonitored area of the  jail.

The victim maintained his DNA evidence and immediately reported the assault to the next officer  on duty. Investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement revealed DNA and video evidence that was not favorable for the defendant.

As a result of the plea, Turner, who also previously served as Midway’s interim city manager, was adjudicated guilty of sexual  battery and sexual misconduct with an inmate and sentenced to jail followed by sex offender probation.

As a result of this plea, he is a convicted felon, is designated a sexual offender and will be required to  register. As a result of this conviction, he will no longer be eligible to work in law enforcement or  corrections. 

Erin Hill –


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