Gadsden Arts hosts an opening reception for Golden Legacy: 80 years of Golden Books

Last Thursday May 25, The Gadsden Arts Center and Museum held the opening reception for “Golden Legacy: 80 years of Golden Books.” 

Ceremonies for Teen Art Council Students, longtime Gadsden Arts Artists Guild members, and Longtime Leaders of Gadsden Arts were also held concurrently.

The “Golden Books” reception presented an appreciation of the beautiful artistry behind the shared culture of early childhood; many of the artists on display often doubled as Golden Books painters within their own profession, some, such as Mary Blair, even as modernist painters.

During the reception, local teen artists, artist-guild members, and decennial champions of Gadsden Arts were also honored.

In one event, the people and individuals which make it possible for the current galleries to be on display were celebrated.

The reception was filled with liveliness and cheer, beaming brighter due to the ambience of “Golden Books” and the depthful perceptions that such an art community brings to Gadsden.

Grace Robinson, Executive Director of Gadsden Arts, gave her thoughts on the opening:

“It was just wonderful to celebrate so many people who are dedicated to art and our community at this event, starting with our teens – talented artists who are our future arts professionals; alongside some of our region’s most dedicated artists through the Artists Guild; and longtime volunteer leaders of Gadsden Arts, who have really been thought leaders and catalysts for twenty years of growth and community services. In all, 140 people came together, old friends and new ones, to visit and celebrate art. I’m also very grateful for our partnership with the National Hookup of Black Women-Gadsden, what a wonderful group. It was just a great evening.”

In the upstairs galleries, after the ceremonies, food and drinks were served as attendants engaged in eager discussion as volunteers helped coordinate it all

Carole Fiore stood by her artistry and took queries; many were appreciative about the event and art, delicacies of sight placed in a communal setting.

Rubén Darío Uribe – Gadsden County News Service

Pictured from left to right are Longtime Artists Guild Members: Ashley Williams, Curator Grace
Robinson, Executive Director James Thigpen, Brenda Bethay Martin, Janice “Ecinja” Mc-
Caskill, Terry Hawkins, Matthew Brady, Robert DeWitt Smith, and William H. McKeown.
Pictured from left to right are the 2023 Longtime Leaders: Jane and Alex Hinson, Grace Rob-
inson (Executive Director), Patsy and Mark Bates, Penny Dehler, William Hugh McKeown,
Harris Wiltsher, Mary Jane and Pat Woodward, and Eluster Richardson (with Mary Jane Wood-
ward). These dedicated volunteers have been members of multiple boards and committees,
volunteering hundreds of hours while contributing their expertise to support the mission of
Gadsden Arts. These thought leaders have made a real difference in the life of our organiza-
tion itself and its impact in the community.
Pictured left to right are: E. Taylor, Malcolm Gambles, Chantess Womble, Amier Weaver, and La’Niya Colston. These talented teens have their artwork on view in the Sarah K. Newberry Gallery
at the Gadsden Arts Center & Museum, and are being honored for their work as part of the third Teen Art Council education and future careers program at Gadsden Arts.


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