Greensboro council member ousted by political newcomer

During the municipal elections held on Tuesday, April 25, In Greensboro, Jacquelyn Ruth Barber defeated incumbent Elizabeth Fletcher Henderson.

Barber, who had 86 percent of the votes, defeated Henderson by a landslide, securing 46 of the 55 total votes that were cast.

“I would like to take this time to thank everyone who voted for me to serve on the town council,” Barber said. 

Barber said she appreciates the voters putting their trust in her and she said she will work closely with her fellow town council members to revitalize the town and make it better. 

“I do  love my hometown,” Barber added.

In Havana, Tabatha Nelson defeated Matt Wesolowski and incumbent Decorkus Allen for the Town Council Group 2 seat.

Nelson said she looks forward to being a council member and learning the best ways to help in the community. 

“I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone for your support and belief in me,” Nelson said. “I will try my best to fulfill your expectations.”

In Midway, incumbent Council Members Ella Parker Dickey, NanDrycka King Albert and Braheem Russ were all victorious in their respective races, as they were elected to serve another four years on the city council.

Dickey, who won 65 percent of the votes cast in the District 1 race, beat Dana Gilcrease 82 to 44.

Dickey said she is thankful for everyone who supported her.

“I want to thank everybody who believed in me and saw the work I was doing for the City of Midway,” Dickey expressed.

Dickey said she’s looking forward to serving a second term on the city council.

Albert boxed out Rolland Steele, winning with 77 votes (55 percent) compared to Steele’s 62 votes (44 percent).

“I am truly excited about the future for Midway,” Albert said. “All I asked for was another opportunity to finish what I started and now I have that opportunity, thanks to the people who re-elected me to represent them.”

Albert said the council still has work to do.

“Thank you Midway District 3 for seeing the need to continue moving Midway forward,” Albert added.

Russ, who had 114 votes (61 percent), defeated Stephanie Tolbert who had 72 (39 percent).

Russ could not be reached for comment.

In Quincy, political newcomer Dr. Robin Wood unseated longtime City Commissioner Keith Dowdell as she became the victor in the District 1 race. Dowdell, who serves as the ceremonial mayor and is the longest seated commissioner on the board, was first elected to serve in 1996.

Wood received 152 (54 percent) of the votes cast in the race for the District 1 seat, while Dowdell received 128 (45 percent)/

In the District 5 race, incumbent Anessa Albritton-Canidate and former city employee Dr. Beverly Nash were neck-and-neck. 

Canidate was in the lead with 94 votes (38 percent), only four more than Nash who secured 37 percent of the votes. John Thomas trailed behind with 62 votes (25 percent).

Since neither candidate received more than 50 percent of the votes, the top two–Canidate and Nash–will head to a runoff election, in accordance with Quincy’s City Charter.

The runoff election will be held on Tuesday, May 9. 

Early voting will be held from Thursday, May 4 – Saturday, May 6 at the Supervisor of Elections office.

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