Havana citizens learn about their local government

Citizens of the Town of Havana were invited to attend a town hall meeting on Wednesday, May 3.

The town hall meeting was hosted by County Commissioner Alonzetta Simpkins who represents District 2, which encompasses parts of Quincy and Havana.

The purpose of the meeting was to educate members of the public about the various departments in the county’s government, and also to allow citizens the opportunity to ask the department heads questions.

“This is a way to make sure I am being open and transparent,” said Simpkins during her introductory remarks. “So that you know exactly what is going on in the county, know the services and resources that are available to you, and also to find out what your concerns are, and how we can serve you better.”

The following representatives gave presentations for their respective departments: Housing Department – Housing Coordinator Sonya Burns; Growth Management – Growth Management Director Justin Stiell; EMS/Fire – EMS Director Kris Hood and Fire Chief Andre Walker; Public Works – Public Works Director Curtis Young; Facilities/Animal Control – Facilities Manager Allan Meeks; Elder Affairs – Elder Affairs Director Latoya Fryson; and Building Department – Building Official Roosevelt Morris.

The presentations covered a basic outline of what each department does, and how to contact that department for information or assistance. 

At the end of each presentation, the public had the opportunity to ask questions directly to the department representatives, and more time was given for questions at the end of the meeting.

Each department representative also provided contact information, and if you were unable to attend the meeting, that information is provided here.

Stephen Klein – Gadsden County News Service


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