Havana firefighters to fundraise with plates of pilau

On Thursday, March 2, at Havana Community Park, firefighters and their supporters will gather together for a fundraiser in support of the department.

The annual chicken pilau fundraiser, hosted by the Havana Volunteer Fire Department, will be serving up plates of chicken pilau, coleslaw, green beans, and a side of crackers to supporters.

Plates will be sold for $10 each. On March 2, those who have already purchased tickets will be able to pick up their pre-ordered plates of pilau from 5-7 p.m.; this will be a drive-through and pick-up time only. Meal tickets can be purchased in advance at Stone’s Hardware, at 702 Highway 27 in Havana, but are not required.

Stones is open during regular business hours, Monday through Saturday and closed on Sunday.

All proceeds from this pilau will benefit the Havana Volunteer Fire Department in its efforts to serve and protect the residents of Havana.

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