Havana History and Heritage Society celebrates the contributions of women in WWII

For the entire month of May the Havana History and Heritage Society is holding an exhibit focusing on the role and contribution of Women in World War II.

The faculty and staff from the Claude Pepper Library at Florida State University have designed and set up the exhibit using items selected from their World War II archival materials collection.

The Women of World War II exhibit will include a general overview of the many contributions that women made to the war effort during World War II.

It will feature stories of four individual service women who served during World War II, each with personal archival material from the Florida State University collection.

The exhibit also focuses on the many contributions made by women to the war effort on the home front, featuring the contributions of five Havana women who made a difference.

It will also highlight the changing roles of women in the military over the years as well as opportunities for women in the military today.

Numerous activities and events with local veteran groups are also being planned for the month including a series of Saturday presentations and a veterans video and oral history project.



All sessions will start at 10:30 a.m.

• May 13 – A panel discussion featuring 5 women USA veterans on serving through the decades.

• May 20 – Presentation on female artifacts from World War II by Robert Rubero who will be sharing manuscripts & political papers archives from the Claude Pepper Library.

• May 27 – Discussion and Q&A with Commander Kristina O’Connor on her distinguished military career and opportunities for women in the military today.

Erin Hill – editor@prioritynews.net


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