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Returning to school is often stressful for students, with having to give up on the sweet delights of summer for long and arduous studies. With school starting back again soon all around the country, the Gadsden

The Department of Parks and Recreation put on a ‘Back to School Pool Party’ on July 23 rd . The event lasted from 1 to 6 p.m.

“This is the second annual event, with hopefully more in the years to come,” said Director DeCody Fagg. The event was held at the King Street Pool in Quincy, and was free to the public.

Kevin Ward, known as DJ Woadie, assisted in providing pool-side-type music to lather the crowd up with hype, and several department members staffed a tent with food and drinks.

Despite the inclement weather, no fun was spoiled; the pool was full, the music was flowing just as the water, and although the dark storm clouds loomed overhead, everyone continued to appreciate the event and have a wonderful time.

Nothing short of lightning would make them leave the event, said Fagg.

“We wanted to give back to the children,” Fagg said . The motivation that drove the department to put on more events such as this one, and the Cheer Camp that ran from June to July that taught girls how to cheer and how to defend themselves is “to keep the kids off the street and in a safe place.”

These events are held to guide kids in the right direction and show them there are more opportunities.” Another event is planned, Midnight Manor Basketball, which shall run from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

The Parks and Recreation Center is planning to further maintain an open-door policy to give back to the Gadsden community. Generally, they get approval for the events from the Quincy commissioners.

“They love the events and want more of them,” Fagg said.

The idea for this particular pool party was recommended to the department by the City Manager Robert Nixon. Continuous collaborative efforts between the City of Quincy and the recreation center are often a result of dialogues such as these.

Fagg, who has been the director of parks and recreation for nine years, loves the new changes that the department has been making in recent times – he expressed that events such as these make a difference in the community, often for the better. 

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