March Yards of the Month herald in the arrival of Spring in Havana

With the arrival of warmer weather in March, lawns and gardens around Havana have brightened with blooms and new growth.

The first day of Spring is Monday, March 20, but based on the green beauty of Havana’s lawn and gardens, it seems Spring has come early to Havana.

Each month, the Havana Garden Club selects a residential and commercial Yard of the Month – awarding the lawn-owners and gardeners with a full month of compliments as one of Havana’s most spectacular gardens.

For the residential Yard of the Month award, Michael and Jacqueline Dooner of Live Oak Lane were selected by the garden club.

“The Dooner’s built this home in 1989 and have been adding azaleas and other landscaping to the yard ever since,” said Diane Croley, of the garden club’s Yard of the Month selection committee. “This year the whole yard is putting on a spectacular show with banks of  colorful azaleas around the whole yard.”

Two miles west of Havana, on Highway 12, the commercial Yard of the Month award was presented to the Lake Tallavana community.

“The award is given both for the show of azaleas running from the highway to the gate and for the pots of bright spring flowers at the gate,” added Croley. “The flower pots are faithfully tended by Linda Rabon, a talented Tallavana resident.”

The Havana Garden Club is currently accepting nominations for future Yards of the Month.

Nominations can be either for the commercial or residential award.

If you would like to nominate someone, or yourself, for the Yard of the Month awards, call Dianne Croley at (850) 539-8191.

The nominated yard (residential or commercial) must be within the 32333 zip code.

Ashley Hunter –

The Residential Yard of the Month for February was awarded to Michael and Jacqueline Dooner of Live Oak Lane. The Havana Garden Club praised the Dooners for the ‘spectacular show’ of azaleas in their garden.
The Commercial Yard of the Month for February was awarded to the Lake Tallavana community on Highway 12, two miles outside Havana’s center. The Tallavana neighborhood, with special work by resident Linda Rabon, has made the front entrance to their community especially beautiful for Spring.


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