Midway city officials reveal plans for economic development

On Saturday the City of Midway’s consulting engineering firm Dewberry Engineering revealed the city’s community and economic development plan at the Eugene Lamb Recreation Center.

Midway residents and other interested stakeholders attended the meeting.

Those who attended April 1 meeting learned about the formation of the plan, the city’s management’s team’s efforts to obtain funding for citizen priority issues, including septic to sewer, community street lighting, construction of a new community center, roadway paving, realignment of the Highway 90, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dover Road intersection, and the development of a central downtown district along the US Highway 90 corridor, code named the “Midway Miracle Mile.”

“Since being elected in 2019, I have worked with my colleagues on the Midway City Council to bring stability to

our governing body, and work hand in hand with our citizens and staff to develop a long-range community and economic development plan that would be our roadmap to Midway’s future,” Midway’s Mayor Ella Parker- Dickey said.

The Mayor also said having a plan that is achievable within a reasonable amount of time was equally as important.

“It has been my goal since being elected to ensure that our citizens throughout Midway guide our pathway forward,” Councilman Braheem Russ said. “With citizens’ input we have been able to identify key strengths and opportunities for growth and improvement, and present ideas and strategies to overcome these challenges and obstacles we face.” 

Russ said he is looking forward to the additional feedback from citizens before the plan is finalized.

Councilwoman NanDrycka Albert said city officials are working diligently to make Midway a better home and community with the help of citizens and interested stakeholders.

“We are not at a crossroads; we are on a path to success,” Albert said. “From our first citizens listening session in September 2020 until today we have listened intently to our residents, sought and obtained over $7 million dollars in community grants to fund septic to sewer construction, a new community center, street lights,improved parks, much needed paving for our roads, emergency generators for our critical structures, all the while stabilizing the finances of our city. 

Albert said now is the time to move from discussion to action.

For more information concerning the city’s community and economic development plan please contact Midway

City Manager Henry Grant, or KMR Consultants’ Team Leader Harold Knowles at 850-222-3768.

Erin Hill


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