Midway invests in storm preparedness

Many investments of the City of Midway in the current administration has been in fortifying the sources in preparation of a potentially catastrophic event.

In 2018, when Category 5 Hurricane Michael devastated Florida’s Gulf Coast, and many along the Big Bend were left in ruin and thousands left without power, a decision was made by the City of Midway to invest in increasing the tools in the fight of weather catastrophes.

“We had staff on 24 hours for Hurricane Idalia, and we need to make sure we support them in whatever way possible. We also need to make sure we as a municipality have the resources to help and protect our citizens” said NanDrykca King Albert, councilwoman of District 3.

As such, a recent purchase was made of two ‘Emergency Management Hubs’ – all-encompassing systems and generators ready to be utilized in short notice of an emergency.

The cost of these two system generators was approximately $34,000.

They will be used to power the infrastructural system, in the event of a power outage. It will exclusively be used for city staff to communicate with one another and direct resources, to more quickly assist affected citizens.

Albert said in after Hurricane Michael in 2018, the previous administration had trouble communicating because there was no infrastructure in place.

The Emergency Management Hubs are expected to be fully installed near Midway City Hall by the end of October.

Ruben Dario Uribe


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