Mount Pleasant firefighters launch holiday house fire awareness project

Firefighters with the Mount Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department are raising awareness on the heightened danger of house fires during the holiday season with a “Keep The Wreath Green” social media project.

This is the second year in which the firefighters have launched this project, and they are hoping that by spreading awareness through the visual image of a virtual wreath (with green and red lights), that citizens of Gadsden County would become more aware of holiday house fires.

“Several fire departments across our area are already doing this project,” explains Jim Roberts, a lieutenant of the Mount Pleasant Volunteer Fire Department.

“The potential for house fires are greater during the holiday season,” Roberts adds.

Roberts says this is due to more people cooking at home, as well as cooler weather prompting people to use their fireplaces, furnaces, and space heaters more.

Improper kitchen and heater safety can result in a house fire that could be potentially deadly and destructive.

“As fires occur more frequently, we want to let the people know how to stay safe, and raise awareness,” Roberts said.

Last year, when the Mount Pleasant agency started the wreath project, they had no red ornaments (one red ornament stands for one house fire) on their wreath; as of this year, the agency has already had to replace three green ornaments for red ones, meaning three house fires have already occurred this holiday season.

Until December 31, Mount Pleasant firefighters will continue updating their Facebook with tips on how to stay safe during the heightened fire season, and will continue to update their virtual wreath (accessible on the fire department’s Facebook page) as needed.

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