Need seeds? Spring seed library opens in Gadsden

It’s spring, and most gardeners have already decided what they will be planting this season. 

The Gadsden County Public Library is looking to assist those who want to learn the ins and outs of gardening. 

Library visitors can check out one pack of seeds per visit. The Seed Library is at the Patron Services Desk at the William McGill Library in Quincy, Cowen Public Library in Chattahoochee, and the Havana Public Library. Available seeds include pink Brandywine tomatoes, homemade pickle cucumbers, and yellow crookneck squash.

A seed library is created for community members and patrons to share and distribute local seeds from seed-bearing plants they have grown or store-bought seeds they purchased to donate so others can grow their own food.

Gadsden County’s Seed Library is a free way for people to grow their own healthy food.

Seed libraries can have multiple benefits, including promoting biodiversity, supporting the community, and aiding gardeners.

The library has resources from UF/IFAS on how to grow the seeds and hopes to get lots returned after they’re harvested.

Growers can also leave tips for the next person who checks out the seeds.

For more information about Gadsden County Seed Library, call the Gadsden County Main Library (850) 627-7106 or visit the IFAS website at

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