New Chief of Police takes the reigns at Chattahoochee Police Department

On March 15, 2021, Chattahoochee bid its police chief of almost three years goodbye when long-time Chattahoochee law enforcement officer, Chief Fred O’Brian entered retirement.

In Chief O’Brian’s absence, Town Manager Robert Presnell took on the department’s role of acting chief (although with a distribution of responsibilities on the ranking officers within the department) until the hiring of a new chief could be handled.

On Tuesday, April 6, during the City of Chattahoochee’s monthly council meeting, Presnell announced that the town once again had a chief in its ranks, with Deric Mordica taking on the role, responsibility, and title of Chattahoochee’s Chief of Police.

Chattahoochee Chief of Police Deric Mordica

Mordica, Presnell said, was the obvious choice for the role.

Mordica is no newcomer to the town and its culture, as Mordica has served Chattahoochee’s residents and business owners for the last six months as an officer.

“He’s already familiar with our town and our citizens,” said Presnell. “We saw his community relationships, especially those with children and were impressed.”

In addition to Presnell himself, the hiring committee was made up of law enforcement leaders in the towns near Chattahoochee – Gretna and Sneads.

While Presnell and the city staff were impressed with Mordica’s role of leadership in getting to know the community on a personal level, Presnell says the law enforcement leaders from Sneads and Gretna were impressed with Mordica’s prior experience and education.

“Mordica has a Masters degree in criminology – you don’t see that very often here,” said Presnell.

Additionally, Mordica has prior – even if brief – experience running a police department, as he held the title of Midway Chief of Police for a short period of time.

“Mordica is very hands-on with the community. He’s going to be a good fit,” added Presnell.

Chief Deric Mordica’s first day in office as Chattahoochee’s Chief of Police was on Thursday, April 1.

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