New liquor store, town elections, and garbage pickup complaint at Sneads Town Council

The Sneads Town Council held its first monthly meeting of 2023 on Tuesday, January 10 at the town hall.

Council member George Alexander, Council President Mike Weeks, and Town Attorney Daniel Cox were absent from the meeting due to illness.

The meeting began at 6 p.m., and following the approval of the minutes from the December meeting and the paying of the town bills, opened with a request to approve amended lease #4864-001 with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for spray field operations.

After a short discussion, the council voted unanimously to approve the revised lease.

The next two items on the agenda involved changes to personnel policies for town employees.

The first was to approve a sick leave transfer policy, and the second was to approve a notification requirement for employees resigning on good terms.

Town Manager Lee Garner suggested that both items be tabled until he could review the existing policies further and combine the two as a single proposal.

The council then discussed a potential land use change at 2023 River Road from residential to commercial following a request to build a liquor store in what used to be Pappy Tom’s restaurant.

Attorney David Weiss appeared before the council, stating that he had discussed the matter with Town Attorney Daniel Cox, and both concluded that the land was indeed residential.

Councilwoman Angela Locke raised some questions about the issue, asking if the person wishing to build the liquor store had filed an application, and it was determined he had not.

Members of the council agreed that, until the proper procedure for purchasing the land for commercial use is completed, this was not an issue that the council could become involved in.

Next on the agenda was a proposal to allow the Jackson County Supervisor of Elections to conduct the 2023 town election on behalf of the Sneads town government.

The council approved this proposal unanimously.

Town Manager Garner then gave his report to the council, during which he mentioned that over 200 petitions had been filed against the Jackson County School Board decision to build a new school in Grand Ridge rather than Sneads.

During the time allotted for citizens to address the council, Sneads resident Ron Mansfield complained about Waste Pro missing multiple household trash pick-ups at his home.

Problems with waste removal were discussed at the December council as well, with executives from Waste Pro addressing the council, assuring them that this issue is being addressed, and providing a 24-hour phone number for customers.

In response to Mansfield’s complaint, Town Manager Garner provided his own number to Mansfield, and promised to contact Waste Pro regarding Mansfield’s particular situation.

Finally, Councilman Donovan Weeks asked when mosquito spraying would begin.

He was informed that the spray was being ordered, and coordination with Mosquito Control would begin soon.

 Stephen Klein – Gadsden County News Service


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