Noah’s CAN-paign for Kids recycling program helps others this Christmas

Noah McArthur, a resident of the Inwood Community (located between Sneads and Grand Ridge), continues operating his “CAN-paign for Kids” recycling program to bless others who need a helping hand at Christmas each year.

McArthur has collected and sold aluminum cans for nearly 17 years to be able to raise funds to bless others, after deciding as a very young boy that he wanted to do something to help children who might not have a good Christmas.

He began picking up cans along the roadsides to raise money, and as word quickly spread about his efforts, others volunteered to collect and donate their cans to the cause.

For the success of his program, McArthur gives all of the praise to the Lord and also his sincerest gratitude to the caring residents of Chattahoochee, Quincy, Sneads, Grand Ridge, Marianna, Malone (Noah’s Uncle Larry and Aunt Pam’s Feed Store), and Memphis Baptist Church Faith Riders in Dothan, Alabama, and for anyone who saves their cans for “Noah’s kids”. 

Many residents of Chattahoochee deliver their cans to the shed behind the Chattahoochee Police Department, which has served as a great central drop-off location.

McArthur and his parents, David and Jacquelyn McArthur, frequently travel to pick up cans, as they receive calls from individuals, families, and businesses wanting to donate their aluminum cans.

David McArthur (left) presents a check donation to Chattahoochee City Manager Robert Presnell, on behalf of Noah McArthur, for the purchase of Christmas gifts for a local family.

It is also not uncommon for the McArthurs to discover bags of cans that have been delivered anonymously to their home under Noah’s “can shed”.

McArthur is currently a junior at the University of Central Florida, in Orlando, and not home as much during the school semester, though he is able to keep the recycling program going because of the outstanding community support of the caring residents and friends in Gadsden and Jackson Counties. McArthur is deeply grateful to everyone for their support and contributions and to the Chattahoochee police station personnel for the use of their shed.  

Recently, David McArthur presented a donation from Noah McArthur and his family to Chattahoochee City Manager Robert Presnell to be used to purchase Christmas gifts for a local family this year.

The money from the check was generated from the recycling of McArthur’s collected cans.

McArthur and his family say they are “deeply grateful” to everyone who took time and effort throughout this year, and previous years, to save their cans for this service program.

The McArthurs also express gratitude to Presnell and Chattahoochee city staff for their ongoing assistance.

For more information about “recycling to help others”, please feel welcome to call and leave a message at (850) 593-2408. 

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