Pirates show no mercy to Tiger Sharks – It was time for a smackdown, and the Pirates played their best game of the season.

The Pirates more than earned their golden win last Friday night as they guarded the shipyard with hungry determination to dominate their rivals. The football game was action packed with surprise strategic plays that left the Port St. Joe Tiger Sharks swimming in confusion.

Head Coach Bill Thomas and his team had the best game of the season.

 “It was an honorable win,” Thomas said at the end of the game.

The game was filled with a lot of great plays by the Sneads Football Team including several surprise tactics that left their fans wanting to see more.

Jason Patterson (#5) ran in the first touchdown then soon after heroically blocked a punt by the Tiger Sharks taking control of the ball and running in a touchdown. His first two touchdowns put a 14-0 lead on the board. He made a total of three touchdown scores for his team.

Patterson was not the only athlete shining in the spotlight of the game, Sneads’ Quarterback Aven Tyus made his traditional signature touchdown. He also threw in a perfect long pass to Dalton Brown (#9) who high jumped catching the ball and landed in the endzone. Unfortunately, Brown suffered a knee injury soon after. It is undetermined whether he will be able to play in this week’s upcoming game or not.

Recognition also goes to Kurdiss Baker (#1) on his touchdown run and Sneads Kicker Aaron Montoya (#21) who scored on two kicks.

In the very last seconds of the game Jayden Brady (#52) took his chance at a spotlight play and made an outstanding touchdown run.

With a total of 7 touchdowns during the game it is hard to choose which play was the best because special recognition should be given to the whole team for working so well together and achieving such an incredible win.

Will the Pirates make it to the state championship games this year?

It is still a toss-up as they faceoff with the Freeport Bulldogs this Friday night, November 3. There were a lot of vacant seats left in the stands at last week’s game. Pirate fans are expected to pack the stands this week with it being the last game on the schedule.

Patricia Smith


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