Pirates to play Cottondale for regional playoff game

Sneads not only rolled over a great win against the Freeport Bulldogs last Friday night, but they secured a game in the Regional Quarterfinals for this week.

Guess who made the first touchdown of the game. If you guessed Sneads’ Jason Patterson (#5), you are right! Dominic Goodwin (#18) tried his best to gain yardage for the team, but the Bulldogs were a tough pack to weave through. Then it happened…in a blink of an eye Patterson was in the endzone with yet another score.

Down by 14 points in the first, Freeport’s Brayden Sampson (#4) made a complete pass to his teammate Trainor Wise (#2) who then was knocked into the endzone when Sneads Justin Street (#7) collided with him while attempting to intercept. Sneads still held a 14 -7 lead over Freeport.

It took Sneads’ Jamon Street (#4) a few tries to get through the Freeport pack, but he made it look easy when ran in a touchdown. Kicker Aaron Montoya (21) made his 3rd good kick at the goal in a row raising the pirates score to 21-7.  Jaydan Walker (#6) jumped into the spotlight catching an interception. Walker’s interception paved the way for quarterback Aven Tyus (#16) to make a complete pass to Kurdiss Baker (#1) who ran in another touchdown for the pirates and Montoya’s kick was good.

At the snap Freeport’s quarterback, Cameron Fernandez (#3) made a complete pass to freshman running back Dylan Louthain (#12) who was already in the endzone leaving about 4.7 seconds on the clock before halftime started.

The pirates made a surprise move on the bulldogs in the second half. Holding a lead since the beginning of the game Sneads Kicker Montoya (#21) faked a field goal kick while Brayden Stalvey (#13) quickly passed the ball to Treven Pruett (#44) who was in the endzone. The remainder of the game proved how much the Pirates wanted to win. Aven Tyus easily walked in a touchdown and Baker ran in the last touchdown for the Pirates side and Montoya’s kick was good, overloading the score to a whopping 50-14.

Freeport was able to squeeze in two more touchdowns in the fourth quarter but still traveled back home with a loss.

The big game win of 50-28 has guaranteed the Pirates another faceoff against the Cottondale Hornets this week. The Pirates played the Hornets earlier in the season with a 64-34 win. This week’s game will be held at the shipyard on the Pirates home field at 7 p.m. 

Patricia Smith – Gadsden County News Service


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