Pops of color heralded in June Yards of the Month

June is here, and with the arrival of a new month also comes the announcement of the newest Laws of the Month.

Every month, the Havana Garden Club recognizes two yards (one residential, one commercial) for the honor of being the Havana Yard of the Month.

This month, the residential award was presented to Jack and Priscilla Davidson, who live and garden on Raven Run.

“We were first attracted to the colorful knock out roses and daylilies in the front yard  but when this hardworking pair took us to their backyard we found a large and luxuriant vegetable garden,” said Dianne Croley, of the Havana Garden Club.

Croley goes on to add: “This is really a gardening power couple.”

The Commercial Yard of the Month award went to Havana Mercantile, a new business in town that is owned by Lisa and Rick Scott.

The mercantile is located downtown at 215 Northwest 1st Street.

According to Croley, the Havana Mercantile was chosen for its window boxes and pots that are overflowing with bright flowers.

“The shop is full of gifts and crafts and will soon be featuring gardening items in the courtyard out back,” added Croley.

The Havana Garden Club is currently accepting nominations for future Yards of the Month.

Nominations can be either for the commercial or residential award.

If you would like to nominate someone, or yourself, for the Yard of the Month awards, call Dianne Croley at (850) 539-8191.

The nominated yard (residential or commercial) must be within the 32333 zip code.

Ashley Hunter – Gadsden County News Service

The Residential Yard of the Month for June was awarded to Scott and Priscilla David-
son of Raven Run. The couple was commended by the Havana Garden Club for their
knock out roses and daylilies in the front lawn and the luxuriant vegetable garden
cultivated in the backyard.
The Commercial Yard of the Month for June is a new downtown business, Havana
Mercantile. The mercantile is owned by Lisa and Rick Scott, who were applauded by
the garden club for its overflowing flower window boxes and pots.


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