Public Safety Day gives insight into public safety careers

The third annual Public Safety Day at the Florida Public Safety Institute was held on Saturday, May 13, and drew a small crowd to the institute, as participants gathered to learn about the different public safety careers and first responders in the area.

Held originally in 2020 – and then paused during 2021 – the event had grown considerably with each passing year, as new law enforcement, first response, and emergency organizations set up booths to discuss their agency.

The event is a particular draw to young families; throughout the day, children could be spotted stopping in and talking to police officers, state troopers, and fire fighters, while their parents watched from the sidelines.

Whether stopping at a bomb squad booth and learning about the complexities of their job, or examining the interior of one of the many helicopters landed on-scene for the event, the day gave an up-close-and-personal insight to the careers of those who serve in law enforcement, firefighting, emergency medical services, fish and wildlife, and dispatching around the area.

The primary goal of the event was to promote hiring and encourage those who may be interested in a public safety career to take the next step into that career; but the day also provided an opportunity for local families to come out and get a firsthand experience with often behind-the-scenes members of public safety, such as dispatchers.

Ashley Hunter – Gadsden County News Service

Midway’s fire and police services shared a booth at the Public Safety Day last weekend. Police Chief Kristie Cobb and Fire Chief
Nathan Yarusso shared information about their agencies to children and adults alike.
Hiring and public awareness was the purpose of the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office booth at Public Safety Day. Job application
forms were on the table, and officers were at hand to talk about the sheriff’s office’s plans for community integration.


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