Quincy PorchFest 2023

Quincy Main Street hosted the 11th annual PorchFest music festival on Saturday, March 18 from.

The event took place from 12 p.m. until 5 p.m. in Quincy’s Historic District.

Despite gloomy weather and the threat of rain, crowds of people could be seen roaming the sidewalks and checking out music provided by several area bands, including Funky Tater, the Ben Flournoy trio, Lili Forbes, Hot Tamale, Madison Street, Baby Gray, the Gary Thigpen Trio, Brett Wellman and Stone Cold Blues, The Disciples of Music, Latin Soul, and the Thursday Night Music Club.

Food trucks were provided by Conch City Catering, Mr. JB’s Barbeque, and MR iGotDemPeanutz.

The porch hosts included Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, the Gadsden County Times, First Presbyterian Church, Centenary Methodist Church, the Millhouse Inn, Line, Hinson, and Lines Attorneys at Law, along with private homeowners Josh Heller and Natalie Edwards, Lorene Kitzmiller and Paul Manske, Jimmy Auman, and Mark and Martha Fletcher.

The event was presented by Trulieve, May Nursery, and Capital City Bank, and also sponsored by Climate Control, Marathon Oil, Bell and Bates, Padgett’s Jewelry, and the Gadsden County Times.   

Stephen Klein – Gadsden County News Service


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