Quincy’s farmers market continues to grow

In the spirit of revitalizing tradition, Quincy Main Street’s Farmers Market has grown from eight vendors to more than forty.

The farmers market was initially started up by Jerri Stewart in October 2021.

It has moved several times since then–from behind Odell’s, to the empty grass lot behind Hardee’s, and during spring 2022 moved to its current location at First Presbyterian Church on North Madison Street.

In March, Bantam Bay’s Jennifer LaCognata took the reins and began organizing the monthly event.

The variety of vendors ranged from sweet delights, to face paintings, jewelry, organic crops, succulents,and even freshly butchered meat. The geographical girth of them came to Quincy from as far north as Georgia’s Upper Coastal Plain to as west as Chattahoochee; many first timers, through hearsay or social media, arrived from around the local metropolitan area.

The atmosphere was one of a fun, entertaining community environment for people of all ages. Many expressed gratitude at being a part of such a supportive community and were glad of the venue being established for ideas, people, and commerce to intermesh.

All selling is free of charge.

The catch is this: all of the items sold must be customized or personally homemade.

The Quincy Farmers Market can be found on the second Thursday of each month at First Presbyterian Church.

Lorene Kitzmiller of Quincy Mainstreet can be contacted at (850) 662-1812 for more information about vending.

Rubén Darío Uribe – Gadsden County News Service

Rosa Tejada of Roseli Creations sells hand-made trinket boxes, bookmarks, keychains
and more.
Ann and Harriet Blount of Providence Farms sells grass-fed beef.
Lisa and Michael Van Wart of Little Pine Island Creative sell hand-painted cutting boards and
Jennifer and Emelia LaCognata of Bantam Bay sell homemade pastas and sauces.


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