Seven Sneads Seniors Celebrate – Baseball style

Pirate flags waved in the breeze as seven Sneads seniors were celebrated and honored Tuesday afternoon (April 20th). Justin Tye (#1), Calvin Stringer (#2), Bowden Howell (#5), Zach Thomas (#8), Russell Allen (#13), Hunter Grooms (#16), and Parker Hayes (#18) were presented with beautifully framed keepsake boxes containing team memorabilia.

After the ceremony —

The Robert F. Munroe Bobcats joined the Pirates on the field for the first inning of the game. The Pirates showed they were ready to play with a four-point lead in the first inning. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th innings held no score for either team.

A few injuries were acquired during the game, leaving a few student athletes to sit out for the remainder. Bobcats’ J.D. Gay (#11) leapt toward the ground in an attempt to recover a ball, but the ball bounced up hitting him in the mouth. He sat in the dugout holding ice on his bleeding mouth the rest of the game. Calvin Stringer (#2) of the Pirates team also acquired an injury while running bases. Coach Andy Shelton quickly replaced the 3rd base runner as Stringer limped off the field with an injured ankle.   

In the 5th inning the Pirates made five home runs! The Bobcats struggled to make one last home run in the 6th inning, but the Pirates scored twice more and won the game by a lead of 11-1.

Patricia Smith –
Photos by Patricia Smith – JuneBugz Photography


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