Shanks students jump for Georges

James A. Shanks Middle School students recently had an opportunity to win cash from Gadsden County’s Superintendent of Schools.

Superintendent Elijah Key joined Principal Dr. Kisha Jarrett, DJ Demp, students, and more to celebrate academic success at Shanks Middle School.

The superintendent said the students are constantly striving for excellence in academics and behavior.

Since joining as principal, Jarrett implemented a “No Referral” monthly celebration.

This month one of the teachers, Ms. Leland, helped secure nationally-recognized DJ Demp to spend time with the students before he deejayed their school dance.

The school administers monthly progress monitoring STAR reading and math assessments. The students that showed the most significant growth in reading or math were able to “Jump for Georges.”

Jump for Georges is an incentive adopted and coined by Superintendent Key.

The superintendent lays dollar bills in a row, the student jumps, and keeps any money behind the landing spot.

This is the third Jump for George’s at Shanks this school year.

“Incentivizing and acknowledging the hard work of our students is paramount in their progression and jumping for Georges is just a small way to do that,” Key said. “I commend Dr. Jarrett for what she continues to do at Shanks and thank all who made the day a success, including DJ Demp.” 

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