Sneads Lady Pirates take down the Timberwolves – The female athletes are showing strength with pitching, batting, and base stealing this season.

Lookout everybody because the Lady Pirates just claimed their 6th win of the season and still have twelve more games to go.

The Sneads softball team traveled to Tallahassee on March 30 to take a 7-2 win back home with them.

 They started kicking up the dust around the second inning when Ke’Arie Gray (#6) hit a good one out toward the right-center driving in a double homerun play.

The team showed great strength in the game when it came to driving in runs.

Batters who drove in the most hits were Narya Dudley (#3), Ke’Arie Gray (#6), Gabby Bellamy (#7), Mackenzie Walker (#5), Carrington Scott (#19) and Addison Dubois (#12).

Senior pitcher Katharina Hamilton did a great job pitching through seven innings and by the end of the game the Lady Pirates had stolen a total of six bases.

The Lady Pirates have almost an even number of wins and losses, but it is starting to look like they are warmed up, practiced, and getting ready to score some more wins.

If interested in attending a home game soon there is one coming up on Monday, April 10. The Sneads Lady Pirates are always thankful for a show of support from their home fans so come on out and watch them play ball.

Patricia Smith – Gadsden County News Service


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