Sneads’ Memorial Day parade to roll through town this Monday

The second annual ride-by Memorial Day Parade will be held next Monday (Memorial Day).

The Sneads Carlisle Rose Garden Club will be celebrating Memorial Day with a parade that will pass by several homes in town.

The parade will start at the Sneads Ball Park, before traveling south on Legion Lane; upon intersecting with Old Spanish Trail, the parade will turn right (west) and continue before taking a left (south) turn on 3rd Avenue, where it will continue all the way to Eugenia Street.

The parade will turn right (west) on Eugenia Street and continue until it turns right (north) on Gloster Avenue.

The parade route goes northwards on Gloster until intersecting again with Old Spanish Trail and continuing west.

Where Old Spanish Trail and Keevers Road split, the parade will head northwest on Keevers, before turn right (hard north) on Gay Avenue.

The parade will cross over Highway 90, traveling up Gay Avenue before making a right (east) turn on Jenkins Street, before again turing right (south) on Desoto Avenue, and then another right (east) turn on Sherry Street.

After turning onto Sherry, the parade will continue until intersecting with River Road, at which point it will take a left turn, heading north, before reaching Pope Street.

On Pope Street, the parade will make a right turn (heading east), and continuing until Gloster Avenue, at which point it will take another right turn and head south.

The parade will follow Gloster until reaching Highway 90, which it will make a left turn onto, heading east.

The parade will take Highway 90 until 3rd Avenue, at which point it will turn left (headed north) until reaching Hawley Street.

The parade will circle the neighborhood between Hawley Street, Gorrie Avenue, Pope Street, and 3rd Avenue, before heading back to the initial starting point at the ballpark.

Local residents are invited to stand out in their yard while the parade passes by; waving American flags is encouraged.

Anyone with questions about the parade is asked to contact Faye Walden at (850) 596-6960 or the Sneads Police Department at (850) 593-6403.

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