Sneads Pirates take a loss at Boot Hill

Pirates prepare for a second shot to play the Cowboys

Standing on the clay mound with a weigh-in of 170 pounds and height of 5’11, Justin Tye (#1) owned the baseball field with his professional-style pitching skills Friday night, April 5.

Tye represented the Sneads Pirates in a battle against the Madison County Cowboys at Boot Hill.

Taking in a deep breath, Tye threw a pitch that Kyler Richie (#2), of Madison, hit, sending another Madison player – Gavin Bass (#17) – home, which turned into the most controversial play of the game.

Pirates’ catcher Taylor Brown (#17) caught the ball and instantly tagged Bass’ leg before his foot landed on the home plate.

Bass was assumed to have been out, but a parent from the Cowboys side of the bleachers quickly shouted with claims to have caught the play on video, protesting that Bass was safe.

After further discussion between the coaches and referees, Taylor Brown’s catch that could have possibly been one of the greatest plays of the game was deemed no good and Bass was given credit for a home run.

The homerun on the Madison side contributed to the narrow, but losing, score for the Sneads Pirates, as they walked away from the game with a 5-3 loss to the Cowboys of Madison County High School.

The Pirates will have another shot to play for a win against the Cowboys on Saturday, April 13, this time at the Pirates home field in Sneads.

The game is currently scheduled for 5 p.m.; Pirates fans are invited to come out and support their athletes.

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