Soul Stroll grooves through Downtown Quincy during Labor Day weekend

As part of an ongoing series celebrating Gadsden County’s 200th Anniversary, the Soul Stroll may be counted as another one of its successes.

This event, which was held on and around the historic Quincy Courthouse Square, one of the many put together by the Gadsden County Boards of Commissioners.

Soul Stroll gathered a variety of musicians — local and country-wide —, food, and people. Food carts

included soul food from CJ’s Chicken and Catering, J&A Seafood Plus, and barbecue from Big

Baby’s Bar-B-Q. Hispanic food was served courtesy of VeneBites. Smoothies, drinks, and alcohol were also served for those above the legal age.

The event began with the first stroll at 5:30 p.m. — a collection of remixes and musical collages put together by DJ Lamar Thomas, native of the tri-state area. Intermixed within beats, old-school and modern, were douses of humor and even, topically, the FSU War Chant.

“We want to patronize the local businesses, as well as have an outdoor event in celebration of G-200,” said Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office Colonel Bobby Collins.

As food was served by the many food carts, the community settled into a warm, communal, and joyful atmosphere which continued along the night.

Second of the four strolls was the performance of Kevin “K.D.” Dawson, singer-songwriter, also located on the square beginning at 6:30 p.m. Dawson provided the event with wonderful and original renditions of his own music, including his Top-40 Southern Soul single “Change My Mind.”

The third stroll began at 7:30 at the LR’s Sports Bar with a performance by Donnell Davis and Maximum Trebble, a Southern R&B and Soul artist of the Tallahassee Area. Donnell Davis, dressed in an all-black suit, performed his hit single ‘OOOHWEE’. Often, he helped lead the crowd in line dancing, and often helped shout out Gadsden’s various cities, towns, and unincorporated areas.

Ayonna “Peaches” Taylor, a native of Quincy, and graduate of James A. Shanks Class of 1998, was the artist featured at 8:30 p.m. in the third Stoll alongside her band. Presenting in the Marie Taylor Gallery, Peaches performed a selection of her new songs off of her upcoming EP as well a throwback – a medley of “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson and “Right Here” by SWV, the former of which samples the latter.

“This is all about unity, this is all about love. It doesn’t matter which part of Gadsden County you’re from, we’re all one,” Peaches expressed to the crowd.

The crowd often eagerly sang along and even merrily danced to the groovy tunes provided.

The final stroll of the event took place at 9:30 p.m located at the Monterey Cigar Bar, and featured famed Grammy award-winning Electric and Soul Blues guitarist Joey Gilmore.

Gilmore, having coupled musical stages with legends such Etta James, James Brown, Bobby Blue Bland, Little Milton, Little Johnny Taylor, and many other legends shredded a furious and intense, dramatic, and effortlessly groovy jam. Cigars and Bars were served as the Florida State University  vs. Louisiana State University football game played in the background.

Among the many of the crowd were Commissioners Brenda Holt and Alonzetta Simpkins, who also helped organize the event in conjunction with the City of Quincy.

Ruben Dario Uribe


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