Spring bazaar, airing of the quilts in Greensboro is next week – West Gadsden Historical Society seeking vendors and food trucks for event

On Saturday, March 25, the West Gadsden Historical Society will be hosting their annual Spring Bazaar and Airing of the Quilts at the historic Dezell House in Greensboro.

From 10 a.m. Р2 p.m., the doors of Dezell House will be open as guests get a chance to walk through this relic of Greensboro (and West Gadsden County’s) past, while also learning about how women kept their communities stitched together through the power of quilts.

As part of the bazaar, the West Gadsden Historical Society is looking for arts & crafts vendors, as well as food trucks, to set up shop.

For food vendors, the vendor fee ranges from $25 (no electric provided) to $50 (electricity provided).

Food vendors must provide their own equipment, and set up for the event must take place no later than 9:30 a.m. on the

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